Logo further development (:

This is the development of my logo. After a chat with my teacher, we both agreed that a more suitable font should be used for the title. This was because the font used in my logo development was very plain and modern and too plastic looking. So this is what I did. First I looked at a number of different fonts and looked at their suitability. I came to a conclusion and picked my favourite. I then set about editing it so it would fit in with the 50’s Sci-fi/retro themed logo. It was very simple to do as there was only two steps to it. The first was to put a colour overlay on. This was the inner light green. The second step was to simply put a stroke effect on it. This is the dark green outer layer. The colour scheme was of course based on the “Revenge of the creature” monster, from the 1955 film. This time I put the text in front of the red outer ring to the logo. I thought that this exaggerated the name so it would be remembered more as it is the main focus of the logo.


Further development action plan (:

Now that the first stage of developing my products is done, I can develop them even further. But before I do this, there are two products that I shall be developing.

One of these is the bus stop conversion, as shown in previous blog posts which I will be turning into a shop shelf and looking into urban advertising and trying to continue the 50’s Sci-fi theme. The other, is inspired by a 1960’s Mars advertising board which I photographed inside the museum of brands. This is will include my mascot popping out whilst holding the packet of crisps etc.

Further developments will need to be made to the existing products I have produced. For starters, the logo, I will be changing the font into a more retro and researched font like the ones I was using in the development stages of the logo. This will mean that all products featuring the logo will have to be updated with the new logo.

Snack box development page (:

This is the page that shows the development that the snack box wen through and what influenced it.

Snack box development (:

The box is my most unique product because of some of its design features. The first thing that I did was to colour it in. I used the same colour scheme I have used throughout all of my products. This was done through the influence of the film “Revenge of the creature”. I think the result is pretty effective as it now looks like part of the range. Next was the inner shadow. The effect this has is to maintain the evil look about the product. The dissolve brush allows me to keep up the sketchy cartoon effect I have. I like this because it really suits the type of product and target audience. Finally the title box and the logo, had to be warped to fit around the curved edge of the box. This was done mainly to make the product look more realistic, and I think this has worked. Altogether I think the box looks very good visually, and I cant wait to develop some of the key design features.

Crisp packet development page (:

This is the page of the development for the crisp packet design. It not only contains the notes below, but also tells you how I did each section.

Crisp packet design development (:

This is the evaluation of the packet design itself. Firstly the pieces of gold at both ends of the packet really make the packet look realistic. This is because every bag of crisps has one as this is where they are sealed. Also the gold colour was chosen because it fits in with the lightened colour scheme. I think it just tops off what has become an effective piece as it is one of those details that makes the packet look really professional. This Roy Lichenstein explosion was used because if you look in all of the Sci-fi movie posters from the 1950’s, there is always a scene of destruction. However, due to the nature of my target audience I cant simply just put scenes of death and destruction on the packet as this wouldnt send out a very good message. So I used this cartoon explosion, which is suitable for the target audience and it also follows the theme of the 50’s Sci-fi films. The flavour title has obviously been influenced by the 50’s era of Sci-fi. I think the font works well with words that have been used and a visually effective piece has been created. I love the way this has come out especially as it fits in perfectly with the colour scheme that has been used. This I feel, is a crucial piece of marketing. Nearly every single crisp packet has an image of the crisp inside on the cover. I think that by putting the crisp on a few of the monsters claws, the consumer can make a split second judgement on whether they want the crisps. It was simple to do, as all I had to do was put the claw over the crisp, then just erase the claw so it looked like it was going through it. Finally, the scrunched up texture behind the image really finished the design off by making it look like a real packet. I love the outcome as it looks really good and sits well with the theme.

development of logo page (:

This page is just the same as the one for the mascot. It basically shows what I did to come to the logo I now have and why I chose to develop it like that.

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